this semester,i might go back to WMS!! I AM SO EXCITED.like, you have no clue. i have almost never been this happy and actually WANT to study! i hope i do! AHHHHHHHHHH!(:

i can be back with all my friends, and it will be totally amazing and everything will be back to normal. NO waking up at 6 in the morning. NO wearing uniforms. JUST WHITESBURG. it will be amazing!

i can see all my ffriends 24/7! It will be amazing! AND wear the clothes i WANNA wear!

and be back with mama helms, and not have people from MA stalk me and ask all these questions….its weird.


this will be amazingly fantasticalicious!

wish me luckkkkk!(((:

surround sound glory


is this what i think it is?

the angels…?

uh,yes. in surround sound.heaven on earth?i think yes.MIDNIGHT PREMIERE,JUSTIN BIEBER.umm…IM GOIN’!

this is going to be pure amazingness.i have been waiting for this since like…birth!well,i am jammin out to him and LUDA right nowww!(:

but its going to be amazing.period.end of discussion.

i wonder if they have him in different languages?

sabes que me quieres, sabes que cuidado! causa nota cada vez, y voy a estar allí! quieres mi amor, quiero que mi corazón. y nosotros nunca nos separaremos! somos un artículo? niña dejar de jugar! que son sólo amigos? lo que estás diciendo. dijo que no hay otra! ahora mírame a los ojos! mi primer amor me rompió el corazón por primera vez! y yo era como Baby Baby Baby OH! COMO PARA BEBE BEBE NO! COMO Baby Baby Baby OH! COMO PARA BEBE BEBE NO! Pensé que siempre serías mía!


“baby”….in spanish(:

ohh. this is gunna be GOOD.

Mustangs…really? Is that the BEST mascot they could come up with?

LAME. Lay-Mo. Yeah, this really stinks. Because, I won’t be dropped off and picked up at WMS anymore…because I am not going there anymore!:( I am so sad….and I am going to miss everyone like CRAZY. I will crazily miss people. Like crazy. Go Missing-People-Like-Crazy Crazy. Yes,  that bad…and it’s a privet school. Madison Academy to be exact. World of ugly plaid skirts and mustangs. Yeah, sharin’ the spirit. Alas, I will miss everyone. And Whitesburg. And my teachers. And P.E. And classes. And the building. And the people. I hate M.A.perioddd.end.of.discussion. And the colors are YELLOW AND RED. Like, baby throw up yellow, and die-in-a-hole red. Ugly! U-G-L-Y MUSTANGS GOT NO ALIBI! They ugly! Unlike we lions! Rawr. Grr. I hate this. And, I have noticed the more I write, the more pointless this gets. SO. I will stop writing.



(that’s a WANNABE happy face)

My thoughts of Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man

I really liked this book, and this is my third time reading it. I think she did a REALLY good job making it a kid’s mystery, so kids could actually UNDERSTAND it. (: Well, one thing that kinda miss leaded me, was the microwave part. The author didn’t give this info. until the very end of the book. Otherwise, I really liked this book, and all the other Wendelin Van Drannan books are really good too. I hope you liked my summaries!

Sammy Keyes Part 3!

So, after she finds the candlesticks and after crashing Heather’s big party, she finds out a microwave from Chauncy’s house is missing. Later, she goes to Mr. Bell’s book shop. She finds out it might be closing. She tells her grandmother, and goes on her was to go buy some new shoes from the thrift store. While she is there,  she sees a couple of candlesticks and books. They are Chauncy’s! She returns them, and goes back to the book store to see if Gram’s books have come in. They did. While in the back, she notices the microwave…also Chauncy’s! She also notices a green and white striped pillow case…the one the Skeleton Man was running out of the “Bush House” with. She finds the missing books, and knocks Mr. Bell out, calls the police, and makes the front page! Meanwhile, she goes back to school the next day, and during a presentation, she grabs the Baby Monitor, turns it on, and plugs it into the P.A system. The whole school could hear Heather’s voice! Watch out for Amber! 🙂 During all of this, she brings Chauncy and his brother, after a long rivalry, closer together. Altogether, this was a VERY good book. The microwave just got me off a little bit.

Sammy Keyes Part 2

Well, one thing I did not mention in my last post was that Sammy went as a “Martian Monster” and painted her hi-tops green. After the spend-the-night at Hudson’s, she didn’t have enough time to wash her shoes. So, she went to school with “forest green” converse. Heather Acosta, Sammy’s enemy, was giggling at school about two things:

1- Sammy’s shoes

2-Something Sammy wasn’t sure about at the time…

Amber, Jared’s girlfriend comes charging towards Sammy. While Heather, knowing the whole thing is giggling, Sammy is run over by Amber. Jared had been getting calls from Sammy apparently, and was VERY upset about it. Sammy sooner or later finds out about the whole prank call thing Heather is doing, and is coming back for revenge. Dot and Marrisa (well the whole schoool) is invited to go to Heather’s Halloween party. Except Sammy, of course. Well, she goes to Dot’s house, and is all dressed up to play an imaginary cousin’s part. Nikki, Dot’s “cousin”, even has a dot on her face, JUST like Dot’s. So they look just like family. When she shows up to the party, Heather has no idea who this girl was. At the same time, Sammy is still trying to get information about Chauncy’s robbery. She finds out a couple of candlesticks were missing…but nothing big. YET.



Sammy Keyes Summary #1

Sammy Keyes is a 12-year-old detective. Her grandmother, Grams, tells her htat she is always into trouble. But for Sammy, trouble finds her. Grams insists that Sammy shouldn’t go trick-or-treating, but of course, what would you do? Go trick-or-treating! …that’s what I thought. She went with a group of friends, Dot and Marissa. One of the Halloween “traditions ” is to go knock on the Bush House’s front door. The house is not scary because of it’s old, creepy building. It’s because of the giant, overgrown bushes in the front. They seem to overtake the whole house. Of course, the 3 girls didn’t think the “Bush Man” would come to the door! Well, too there surprise, someone DID come to the door. Except, it wasn’t the Bush Man. A man in a light-up skeleton suit comes barging through the door saying, “Out of my way! Out of my way!” When Sammy walks through the door, she finds the Bush Man gagged and next to him, there was a small fire caused by a candle. They rush to the scene, and call the cops. They find out the Bush Man is Chauncy LeBard, and the skeleton man was out for a little more than trick-or-treating!

Wendelin Van Draanen

The author of the book I am reading, Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man, is named Wendelin Van Draanen.  Her first book was published in 1997. One of her many books in the Sammy Keyes series has won the Edgar Allen Poe award 6 years in a row. She lives in California with her husband and two sons. Her favorite activities include the “Three R’s”: Reading (of course!) Running, and Rock N’ Roll.

Playing Possum

Yesterday, while I was doing my movie maker thingy majjiger, my dog was acting hyper, as usual. He was on the back porch and when I looked out to see him running around, there was a POSSUM! It had like sharp fang thingys and it looked like it was dead and it had rabies. Well, I went out there, got my dog, and checked if it had been bitten. He hadn’t been, and when I came back inside, I noticed my dog had scared the possum because it had eaten his dog food. Oh, that silly goose! HAHA (: Well, when I turned back around the possum had slowly gotten up and had ran away…now, we have learned our lesson. NEVER leave dog food outside at night